Conditional Access Systems (CAS)

In order to protect the content and rights, digital TV operators turn to the technology known as conditional access or CA. Conditional access, as the name itself suggests, provides the service of controlling the access to digital television to people who are or are not subscribers. Their end goal is simple and clear – encrypting the channel signal and decrypting it only for the viewers who meet the required conditions. Besides the most common use by digital TV operators, conditional access can also be applied to digital radio and data broadcasts, non-broadcast information and interactive services. The equipment and software required for the system is supplied by the CAS provider, so that the broadcasters can incorporate it in their own equipment.


Every CA system is made up of the following fundamental components: a Subscriber Management System, a Subscriber Authorization System, a security module and a set-top box.

Even though securing the content is of outmost importance to pay TV operators, the development and maintenance of a conditional access system can be extremely time consuming and ineffective. That is why operators entrust the safety of their content to companies specializing in pay TV protection technology.


We, ASI, offer the extensive set of features which make up Conax Contego’s sophisticated platform as well as the set top box itself.

Conax Contego unifies all DVB, IPTV and OTT clients in one security management system. Keeping up with the wide array of content offered, as well as ways and devices to access it by, presents an ongoing challenge of securing the whole of the pay TV eco-system. Conax Contego provides solutions for secure eco-systems through support for linear, time shifting and on demand content viewed on every available consumer device, from smart TVs to smart phones, laptops and tablets. The service presents high flexibility to the size and settings of any business model and operation requirement, allowing remote activation of new features and increasing of capacity and performance.


The subscription to Conax Contego comes with constant maintenance and upgrades of software patches, preserving its efficiency and cost effectiveness. ASI offers you support through the whole process and the team of experts can be at your disposal 24/7.

Contact us for ultimate content and revenue protection, ideal for any TV operation on any device!



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