Hybrid set-top box (STB)

Hybrid set-top box (STB)

Modern technology has revolutionized the way we watch television in many aspects, offering us diverse methods of access to TV channels – each with its own advantages and benefits. With the number of different options available, picking out a set-top box suitable to the TV delivery method of your choice might seem like a struggle. But it does not have to be!

With the capability to access TV content from various sources, the hybrid set-top box is an effective solution to this dilemma. To be able to take full advantage of the benefits of hybrid television customers will require a set-top box that includes different input connectors – an Ethernet input along with at least one TV-tuner. Oftentimes set-top boxes comprised of only TV-tuners can be considered as hybrid, however they do not share the same features and advantages as the IPTV and DVB combination. Integrating IPTV with terrestrial, cable or satellite TV provides a wider range of benefits, contributing to the increasing rise of demand of the hybrid set-top boxes.

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The continuosly developing technological trends influence the users’ media experiences and expectations for more diverse video content, personalized interactive services and Internet applications. Looking to satisfy these expectations, the hybrid set-top boxes deliver a larger base of services and content from TV providers, as well as user-generated content. Hybrid television, with the help of one single unit, is able to provide services such as:

  • electronic program guide (EPG);
  • video on demand (VOD);
  • catch-up TV;
  • time-shifting TV;
  • internet applications (gaming, shoping, social networking);
  • interactive advertising and many more.

At ABS (Alternative Box Solutions) we specialize in the development, design, production and maintenance of set-top boxes and client support. Our offer for hybrid set-top boxes includes a DVB-C/IPTV (cable and internet TV) Android unit, DVB-C/IPTV (cable and internet TV) Linux unit and DVB-C/DVB-T2 (cable and terrestrial TV) unit. The softwares running the operations are constantly being updated in order to keep up with the lastest trends and requirements of our customers. In addition, the ABS STBs include USB and HDMI slots, as well as a smart card slot allowing customers to recieve encrypted services from TV providers.

Besides the array of services it provides, the perks of the hybrid set-top box can be seen in its compatibility with the OTT solution and its low energy and internet consumption, thanks to the automatic switching from DVB to IPTV and vice versa. Cost effective and adaptable to the ever-changing media consumption market, hybrid set-top boxes are the answer to the advanced television broadcasting standards and customer needs.

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