NEM Conference Attendance

For three whole days, starting from the 15th of June, a part of our team had the pleasure to attend this years’ fifth annual NEM (New Europe Market) conference, market and screenings event. NEM is run by the Croatian company Mediavision Ltd and is held in the lovely Dubrovnik. The main idea behind the event is the creation of a platform where media, telecommunications and marketing professionals can share their knowledge and experience during the conference and networking events. The conference is addressed to FTAs, Pay-Tv channels, cable operators, satellite operators, IPTV and so on. NEM 2017 agenda included a wide range of interesting topics directly pertaining to the key topics of the television world. The most prestigious of experts with extensive experience will be featured as panel speaker.

As part of the pretty long list of friends and sponsors, the ASI team was able to get a clear insight of the industry most fresh and accurate news. While broadening the perspective of what our company can offer to its customers in the future, ASI got the chance to open up the doors of many business opportunities. Starting from the NEM Rooftop, going to the several showrooms and terraces, the NEM journey found its closure at the NEM Panel Room where all of us, the partners of NEM, came to an conclusion of what can make things in the industry look better.

It was an amazing experience to participate in such conference, to find ways to improve our company’s services and contribute to the industry in all. We’re definitely looking forward to go back to Dubrovnik’s most exciting industry event next year, to build experiences and maintain the relationships with our fellow partners.



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