ASI sponsor on ICT in Agribusiness

Initiating the dialog between the ICT and Agribusiness communities has always been a tough challenge!

This year MASIT w20161123_121716ith its partners and collaborators facilitated this dialog through the MASIT’s annual Conference. The conference took place in h. Aleksandar Palace, 23 – 24th of November in Skopje.

The fundamental questions how the two industries can be bridged closer was raised and discussed. Platform for open discussion between the sectors was enabled so the benefits of implementing ICT solutions became more clear and acceptable for the audience.dsc_0604

Main players of both industries were present, accompanied by the representatives from the Government, Academia and donor community.

Success stories, booths and demo solutions were brought in the conference space so real20161123_100223 feel of the existing cooperation between the sectors is provided at a glance.

Lastly, B2B meetings were organized so the members of the ICT and Agribusiness communities could enter into direct discussions and possible solutions of everyday challenges of farmers.

ASI – Alternative System Integration, as a long – standing member of MASIT, participated and attended the conference as a sponsor.

We believe that Smart energy and Internet of Things is the future in the ICT and Ag industry.

What do you think?

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