Why buy refurbished equipment?

What is refurbished equipment exactly?

Simply put, it is previously owned equipment that has been inspected and restored to a sellable condition. By buying refurbished equipment, you can find yourself pocketing savings that average 30 arris_tm501apercent to 50 percent of the selling price for the same equipment in new condition.

Refurbished equipment is not only about saving money; it can also be a smarter way to run your business. If your company has standardized on specific models that are no longer being sold, it can be more efficient to buy the refurbished equivalent than to add a completely new model. By doing so, you can extend the life of existing accessories that may rely on no-longer-functioning equipment, avoid having to stock consumables for a different model, and save on the effort required to learn how to use something new. Another positive thing is that you can use the refurbished equipment in the places where new equipment is not installed and / or is not compatible yet.

ASI – Alternative System Integration offers premium quality refurbished cable modems which costs a fraction of new equipment, while maintaining optimum customer experience.

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