Measure devices

We offer measure devices in different categories:

  • Ethernet, IP and Wireless – Testing solutions for cable, telecom and wireless service providers
  • Field Analyzers – Handheld spectrum analyzers for testing transmission and signal quality in the field.
  • Leakage Equipment – Leakage management and leak detection systems for cable networks.
  • Monitoring and Maintenance – Monitoring and maintenance systems for efficient troubleshooting of your systems.

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The measure devices that we offer can be found on the following link: https://instruments.trilithic.com/. 

However our most sought products are:

Business service installation, troubleshooting and verification all in one compact power device

The precision and power of a field analyzer with an easy-to-use interface of a smart device.

All of the troubleshooting tools you need in one device to maintain your entire HFC plant.


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