Set – top boxes

We offer high quality set – top boxes. Our most popular ones are:

  • IPTV boxes
  • DVB – C boxes
  • Hybrid boxes

We offer high quality set – top boxes:

  • IPTV boxes – Simple IPTV set top boxes are intended for the reception of TV signals spreaded in IP networks. They are also equipped with a web browser and allow an interactive exchange of information. Depending on the type they are intended for the reception of MPEG-2, MPEG-4, HDTV, or they also have PVR functions.


  • DVB – C set top boxes – These set top boxes are used mainly for the reception of digital TV broadcast in the cable TV networks or a wireless broadcast MMDS. They include integrated descrambling of the CONAX system and a vacant CI slot for another CA card. They are proliferated mainly in the UPC networks.


  • Hybrid set – top boxes – As its name itself says, they are combination of IPTV set – top boxes and DVB – C set – top boxes.


Feel free to contact us for more detail regarding the set – top boxes mentioned above.


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