Digital headend

A Digital Headend is a new revolution in cable TV industry. Digital Headend changed the whole phenomenon of cable TV industry by increasing the number of services. A large number of services can be run on a digital headend. Aslo digital headend reduced the bandwidth use with better pitcher quality. Also digital headend enable us to provide more services rather than channels like Radio Services , Games and VOD etc.

A cable television headend (headend) is a master facility for receiving television signals for processing and distribution over a cable television system.


  • Chassis – two Gigabit Ethernet interfaces with electrical/ optical luminatoSFP module for IP payload traffic
  • Flexible selection of free- to – air and scrambled services
  • 24 receivers in one RU chassis
  • Multiplex of SPTS and MPTS video services


  • IP→RFroton pal
  • Multiple functions
  • High scalability
  • Easy to extend
  • Standard 19” housing
  • IP Input
  • PAL/SECAM Output
  • A2/NICAM Stereo Audio
  • Software-oriented architecture
  • Simple RF management
  • Multiformat modulation from 1RF Output


  • IPTV and IP Cable Applications;
    Transcode 40 channels HD
    or 80 SD MPEG2
    or MPEG4 sources to MPEG4 H.264;
    Carrier class high availability features;
    M:N Hot Standby Failover;
    Dual load sharing power supplies.


  • is equipped with 2+2 GbE Input/Output ports
  • works as an IP remultiplexer
  • PSI/SI Server
  • provides 6 slots for functional modules
  • possesses scrambler modules,
  • installed on the mainboard
  • is fitted out with 2 redundant power supplierstantrax
  • contains a front panel with LCD display
  • is furnished with IP FEC in/out
  • combines Input/Output backup:
  • IP level backup, chasis backup,
  • stream backup, service backup
  • allows to generate various source addresses
  • for the IP transmission


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