LICA Company was founded in 1994 as a supplier of proper technology for cable television operators. Apart from technology deliveries the following services are currently offered:

•Systems studies and design , delivery of appropriate technology, putting the systems in operation, trainings and full service in the field of Internet implementation in cable television networks.

•Complete design of digital television transmission both in the array of co-axial distribution systems and IP networks.

•Set-top-box deliveries for cable TV operators including the signal scrambling at the headend output applying the CONAX systém.

•Set-top-box deliveries for IPTV network operators and design of their main headends.

•Utilizing the LICAnet network, the company also provides Nymburk area connection to Internet.

A competitive advantage of this type of communication is a top quality optical cable connection to Prague and a full service extended down to the customer’s computers and computer networks as well. Delivery of technology needed for providing your services to your customers is not the only objective of Lica.

LICA CZECH s. r. o. since its establishing has been a specialist in wholesale and retail business in full range of equipment and products for TV and cable networks.

  • 1994 – LICA s. r. o. was founded as a distributor of the full range of technology for cable television (CATV).
  • 1996 – LICA was granted a position as a preferred vendor  for the biggest Czech Cable television companies  (Intercable CZ, TES Media , etc.).
  • 1997 – Establishment of a consignement stock – the company starts to be more logistic than a distributing company.
  • 1999 – Company’s activities as an Internet Servis Provider (ISP) introduced. Construction of LICANET network – Nymburk area Internet wireless connection designed and built.
  • 1999 – Activities of  training center in Krkonoše (Velká Úpa) launched.
  • 2001 – Becoming member of ČAEK (České Asociace Elektronických Komunikací – Czech Association of Electronic Communications).
  • 2003 – LICA offers a turnkey design for cable television operators in IP services  (CMTS, cabel modems) including technical support and monitoring.
  • 2004 – UPC Praha and Karnevalmedia became the biggest customers.
  • 2005 – The first digital headend delivered for Karneval -> logistics for Karneval and  partly for UPC.
  • 2006 – LICA offers a complex design for receiving, processing and distribution of digital TV signals  in CATV networks  and IP  (DVB-C, IPTV, set-top-boxes, scrambling, etc.).
  • 2007 – Logistic support of collection, inspection and distribution of more than 100 000 set-top-boxes for UPC. Digital TV transmission technology supplier’s support  for the companies  Self Servis, Netbox, KT Česká Třebová, ELSAT Budějovice etc.
  • 2009 – LICA included CA moduls in the offer and opened e-shop DVB-C shop
  • 2010 – Launching wireless cable television Lica TV, enlargement of Set Top Box refurbishment operations.
  • 2011 – LICA technical support as a new service for DVB and IPTV network users, monitoring, settings.
  • 2012 – Development of Conax hosted encryption system, LICAnet network and monitoring systems for quality improvement of DVB and IPTV distributional networks.

LICA CZECH s. r. o.

Na Přístavě 267/1
288 02 Nymburk Czech republic

VAT: CZ03591565
Odd. C, vl.234479 Městský soud v Praze

phone.: +420 325 531 080
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