What is CAS?

In the area of digital television, CAS (Conditional Access System) offers TV providers protection of their content by setting up certain requirements that have to be met before granting access to the content.

How it works?

The security of the content provided by a Conditional Access System is ensured by combining the scrambling of the data stream with a secret key (called the control word) and protecting the transmission of the control work all the way to the receiver through encryption. Depending on the client’s needs and preferences, as well as the type of receiver used, the system can either be cardless or it can use a card for the encryption and scrambling of the content.

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In order to protect the content and rights, digital TV operators turn to the Conditional Access Systems. Conditional access systems provide the service of controlling the access to digital television to people who are or are not subscribers. Their end goal is simple and clear – encrypting the channel signal and decrypting it only for the viewers who meet the required conditions.

Even though securing the content is of utmost importance to pay TV operators, the development and maintenance of a conditional access system can be extremely time consuming and ineffective. That is why hosting a CAS is proven to be the best way to ensure the protection of the content provided!