The need.

The current hotel business environment becomes more and more competitive every single moment. Hotel managers are constantly striving to improve guest satisfaction, while guest’s expectations for special care and treatments are ever increasing. The hospitality and accommodation industry is challenged to recognize guests’ needs soon enough and fulfill these needs in the most professional manner.
ASI’s hospitality solution, is the perfect solution for hospitality industry that fulfills guests’ essential expectations and raises the comfort and satisfaction level.

How it works?

ASI offers a complete set of products for building your hospitality solution that
includes DVB gateways, encoders/transcoders, and streaming servers.

Hospitality Solution

In a high competitive “accommodation” world it is of high importance to listen to the customers and to offer what they need while they are staying at your hotel/hostel/hospital.
Our hospitality solution provides guests’ entertainment in the right way.

Use our Hospitality Solution

Your ultimate guest experience is right over the corner.

Think Pre-Terminated. Think ASI

Bring new services on line quicker with ASI – Alternative System Integration. ASI rapid deployment preterminated solutions accelerate the process, reduce costs and errors.

Guest satisfaction represents the highest priority of any accommodation-related business. A satisfied guest is the best guarantee that the guest will come back and will spread the world to other potential clients. A satisfied guest will also take additional hotel services sooner and more often, especially if this guest is properly informed about additional hotel services.

So, entertainment with live TV is an important asset. The same is true for cruise ships, healthcare, and residential estates.

ASI’s hospitality solution is consisted of three parts: digital headend, transcoding and servers. Each on of them is offered and installed by our team of experts