Corning Cabelcon ApS – the manufacturer of the original Cabelcon connectors and Corning RF-connectors – was founded in 1983.

Since its establishment in 1983 Corning Cabelcon has been the fastest growing coaxial connector manufacturer in Europe. Today, we are Europe’s largest supplier of coaxial connectors and accessories for CATV. Premium class connectors for Mobile Cellular Systems such as GSM and UMTS are an important and fast growing part of our business too.

Corning Cabelcon deliberately attracts highly skilled and creative human resources with our business philosophy. Profit sharing schemes and management by empowerment ensure high productivity, an uncompromising attitude to quality throughout, and a unique development spirit.

Corning’s coax connector group with Corning Cabelcon and Corning Gilbert Inc., is the largest manufacturer of connectors for CATV in the world

Corning’s strong base with more than 20.000 employees worldwide allows Corning Cabelcon to share knowledge, to move quickly, to develop new products and to expand capacity in response to the strong demand for our products. Corning Inc., celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2001.

Dealing with Corning Cabelcon is much more than just “buying some connectors”. A cornerstone of the company is the ability to serve the customers with the highest quality and reliability, with a wide selection and on-time delivery. Corning Cabelcon supplies various designed OEM products to well-known international companies worldwide.

Thanks to Corning Cabelcone’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, doing business with Corning Cabelcon is likely to develop into connections that will last forever.

Corning Cabelcon was ISO 9001 certified in 1997 and in September 2002 they achieved the next important step forward – an ISO 14001 (environmental) certification.
It means that they are going much further than required by government rules and regulations.
It concerns – among others – the working environment, treatment and sorting of waste, reuse of materials, energy savings – also through investments in new technology, savings in use of raw materials and use of the most environmental friendly materials and chemicals whenever possible.
All environmental parameters are under constant surveillance in order to improve and optimise. It is nice to know for the company itself, customers and the surrounding community – that Corning Cabelcon is doing what is possible to protect the common earth from unnecessary environmental impacts, while ensuring the best possible products and services to our customers.

Corning Cabelcone is located in beautiful surroundings on the countryside, 6 km from the centre of Vordingborg city, and 90 km south of Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark.

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